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Jonathan Brustad I have been archery hunting for 10 years and competitively shooting for 8 years. I have a wife and 4 boys all who hunt and participate in local, state, and national events. As a parent and an archer I try and instill in my kids and other young archers true sportsmanship and love of the sport along with teaching fundamentals. This way I can help encourage the next generation to carry on the legacy, love, and traditions of archery.

Travis Bowling Born and raised in Colorado. Travis has been shooting since age 10. Competition shooting started at 16, were he focuses on indoor and 3d. He competes at the local and national shoots.

Doug Pritchett Optix 300 is very pleased to have Doug on our team. He has been fortunate to win two National Championships and even a North American Field Championship. His success included both recurve and compound. More importantly is dedication to Christ, Family and the sport of archery.

Ryan Brill I shoot for Archery World out of Vancouver, Washington And Troutdale, Oregon. I have been hunting since 1997 years. Shooting 3d since 2010 and shooting indoor since 2017

Aaron Hill

Aaron Hill Here is one to watch! Aaron has a heart of Gold. He has been shooting for eight years. He and his family operate a Christian ministry called GOD's Archers. Aaron is also a level 1 USA archery instructor.

Dwayne Whitaker Have been shooting a bow for 32 years. 14 years competitively at state and national tournaments. Have worked at several pro shops over the years. Owned my own shop for six years. I also enjoy working with new shooters.

Jeff Fields from Dunbar, WV, retired, husband, and father of 3. I have been shooting competitively for 42 years and still love the sport! I enjoy several types of archery, Target, Indoor, 3D, and probably Field being my favorite. I hold several NFAA Sectional and WV State championship titles and many years ago, a second place NFAA National Field title. More recently, I am the 2019 men's Freestyle West Virginia 900 Target Champion.

Cody Sweet Hello! I shoot for my local shop in Colorado. I'm an avid hunter and target shooter and love traveling to as many tournaments as I can.

Aaron Morales I have been a competitive archer since 2017. I just kind of fell into it and became obsessed with the sport. I look forward in competing at the Lancaster classic, The Vegas Shoot, The Redding Shoot and many more every year. I’m a proud father to a daughter and up and coming 9yr old archer.

Rob Yahrmarkt I'm a competitive archer and bowhunter in Michigan. I've been competing mainly on the 3D courses for ASA and IAA the last 4 years.

Lee Jenkins Avid bowhunter and competitive Archer, I enjoy I.B.O.triple crown / worlds, and Ohio Triple Crown and traveling to local archery tournaments supporting local shops, courses and fundraising events.

Nathan Summerville Hello, I am a collegiate archer at Alfred State University in NY. I travel and compete in indoor, outdoor, and 3D competitions with the college, however my main focus outside of college will always be 3D.

Derek Ballengee Here are a few highlights from this past season: 24th place-Lancaster Classic Mens Open Division 1st place- USA Indoor Nationals 1st place-HP Archery Indoor Spot League 1st place-HP Archery Winter 3d league Ohio 3d Group-Shooter of the Year Ohio 3d Group-State Champion Ohio ASA-Shooter of the Year 1st place-ASA Classic Known 40 Gold medal-World Archery Americas

Neil Pratt Is an avid bowhunter and competitive 3D archer. He has been bow hunting for 18 years and shooting competition 3D since 2017. He hunts mainly Midwest and east coast, and he bowhunts for small and large game animals as well as fly/spin fish for trout.

Blake Dann I've been shooting competitively since 2011. I was a "spot" guy only, until this last summer my friends wanted me to join a 3D, now I shoot indoor, outdoor, 3D and spots whenever I can. The comradery and fellowship of this sport is why I shoot. There is always someone to meet and something to learn.

Jason Riep I have been shooting competitive archery since 1986. Currently shooting in the Compound Unlimited Class at a national level. Indoor/outdoor 3D, field and FITA. Also love bow hunting, coaching, and technical side of archery with bow tuning.

Clay Hastings Is 46 years old and has been shooting competitively since he was 16. He shoots ASA and IBO Pro Class.

Aiden and Allie Teague These two spell Character. They are an example to watch for sportsmanship. Indoor, FITA, Field, 3d. If it involves shooting arrows they are there with class act attitudes.

Jonathon Cook I’m a bow hunter and competitive archer. I’ve been shooting a bow for as long as I can remember. I have competed at local 3D ranges since the age of 12. Ive also competed at the national level since 2013.

Jason Cevering I'm going into my 3rd year competitive shooting. I have hunted with a archery equipment since I was old enough to hunt. I have been shooting competitively since 2017 indoor and 3D. I love this sport more and more every day. I have been using Optix 300 lenses the last year and absolutely love them.

Michael Huff I'm an avid bow hunter and target archer. I've been shooting a bow since I was 10 and fell in love with the sport. I'm a career firefighter and live in Clarksville, TN. I'm a devoted family man and Christian. In 2019 I competed on the ASA circuit in the Semi Pro ranks. 2019 stats Fort Benning 7th Paris, Tx 3rd Appling, Ga 6th London, Ky 1st Metropolis, Illinois 6th 2019 Shooter of the Year 2019 Tn State Champ and Shooter of the Year.

Zach Arrowood I am a North Carolina Native, also a local Municipal Law Enforcement Officer. I started bow hunting whitetail in 2014 as a stress reliever from the Marine Corps. I’ve extended my bow hunting into several avenues of veteran support groups, Non-profits and children’s archery. Recently in 2019 picked up competitive archery.

Bernie Menchaca I am 60 years old and have been shooting archery since I was 14 and started shooting competition in 2010 with my PSE bows. Recent achievement is Arizona Triple Crown Championship and won others all over Arizona

Mats Hallberg

Mats Hallberg Started archery in 1968 and shot recurve to 1990. He was on the Swedish National team many times and won many Championship. Then in 1990 the compound was okayed. Shortly he was rank #2 in Championship outdoor target. Then he was hooked in compound. He has shot in IFAA in Bowhunter Unlimited Class for 10 years with success. He went back to Unlimited Class and has had continued success in 3D. He is also currently with the Elite team in Europe.

Dodge Anderson Hello, I’m Dodge Andersen from Versailles, Missouri. I have used Optix300 lenses in all my scopes and I have found that they are the best priced and highest quality lenses around. Kyle is a super nice person and always there to help if you have any questions. I am proud to use Optix300 products!

Ben Stewart Has enjoyed archery for many years. Avid hunter and 3D shooter. Most important his dedication to his family and others as Lieutenant/EMT at Columbia County Fire Rescue in Georgia.

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