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OPTIX 300 LENS for Sword Sights SCOPES

Magnifying lens for Sword Sights



Punisher, Punisher Pro, Sniper, Sniper Pro, Judge, Judge Pro, Jury, Jury Pro, Maximus, Maximus Pro, Titan, Titan II, Trident Copetition, Trident Hunter, Centurion, Apex 3rd Plane, Twilight Hunter


  • Improve the quality of your sight picture so you can SEE YOUR MARK.
  • Super clear lens that are great for indoor spot target shooting, 3D and Hunting
  • Superb Clarity at a Superb Price
  • Lens fits most Sword Sight housings. Please see the list above.
  • Magnifiers are valiable in 2x 4x 6x 8x magnification.


IF ORDERING A TRIPLE PACK YOU GET ONE EACH (Clear Premium, Amber , and Blue)




These lenses have a coating to eliminate glare, reflections, and to repel water. This quality of lens is used by eye specialists to create eyewear.




Your sight picture is important; if you can't see it you can't hit it. These lenses are premium composite material with antiglare coatings. These lenses repel water and are resistant to scratching. They have an aspheric design reducing distortion and creating a wide field of view, so this is an excellent choice for the multi pin scope. With great light transmision you are definiatly going to SEE YOUR MARK.




Amber coloring creates an excellent contrast between color spectrum shades and helps you to define outlines really well in challenging situations. This color works the best close to dusk when hunting, in the dense woods of the 3D course, or on cloudy days. Amber lenses can also enhance visual acuity on the indoor range. These amber lenses just might be the edge you are looking for.




The blue tint enhances the contours around objects and improves color perception. When focusing on a target containing the colors red and yellow the colors appear subdued. This perception produces a calming effect that allows for better target concentration, lessening the target panic urge. This is a great choice for indoor three spot targets. Using a blue lens can reduce any possible glare during sunny or snowy conditions. The blue color contributes to improving color contrast, particularly against greens (trees/grass) and oranges (the target), keeping your eyes focused on the target, helping you to SEE YOUR MARK.



Spot Hogg lens, Spot hogg lenses, spot-hogg lens, mrt lens, 2x 4x 6x 8x

Sword Sights Lenses by Optix300

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