3D Printed Arrow Squaring Tool

Tool will be shipped in one of the current available colors, no color guarantee.



ABS Plastic


Guarantee your arrowhead spins true with the Arrow Squaring Device


An Arrow Squaring Tool is used to square the ends of Carbon and Aluminum arrow shafts after cutting. This improves accuracy by ensuring equal pressure on nock/shaft contact. Also ensures that broadhead seat square enhancing arrow flight!  To use this tool, it is essential that it is installed on a flat surface using the holes provided. 



The tool uses standard sand paper to square the arrow end  (220-grit for carbon and metal grade for aluminum shafts and inserts) 

Once you have spun the arrow and squared the end clean out any dust and insert nock and glue inserts.

multiple arrow rests provide good arrow alignment with sandpaper 

Sandpaper and screws not included Must be mounted.

Works on all arrow types & all sizes (micros to 27's)

Improves arrow accuracy 

Precision squares fletched and unfletched arrows

Improves arrow accuracy by squaring the end of the arrow shaft

Two tool in one, one for aluminum, one for carbon

Inserts and bushings fit straight into shaft improving arrow consistency 

3D Printed Arrow Squaring Tool Device ASD