Essential 29mmScope Lens

This lens fits inside of a retaining ring. The retaining rin splits open and the lens is placed inside. Retaining rings are not sold by Optix 300.






Lenses have coating to eliminates glare and reflections, repels water. This quality of lens is used by eye specialist to create eyewear.



Your sight picture is important. Because if you can't see it you can't hit it. These lenses are premium composite material with anti glare coatings. These lenses shed water and are resistant to scratching. These lenses have an aspheric design reducing destortion creating a wide field of view and reduces the weight and with great light transmision you are definiatly going to SEE YOUR MARK.




Amber Lenses can block blue-light and work best in low light or on cloudy days. The amber tint creates an excellent contrast between color spectrum shades and helps you to define outlines really well in challenging situations, especially close to dusk when hunting or in that dense woods of the 3D course. Amber lenses can also enhance visual acuity on the indoor range. These amber lenses just might be the edge you are looking for.

Essential 29mmScope Lens