LIGHTED HHA LENS KIT W/SUNSHADE(this fits HHA brand but is not manufactured by HHA)HHA make many different models. The size of an HHA scope is measured by the inside diameter of the scope tube. Please know the correct size scope tube when ordering. 						HHA 2" takes 2.20" lens and o-ring							HHA 1-3/4" takes 2.0" lens and o-ring							HHA 1-5/8" takes 1.75" lens and o-ring							HHA 1-3/8" takes 1.50" lens and o-ring			FITS THE TETRA AND OPTIMIZER 1-5/8 RHEOSTAT OR NON RHEOSTAT MODELS Kit includes: retaining ring, your choice of lens ONE LENS (2x 4x 6x 8x), hunters light, mounting screws, and an O-ring.retaining ring is 3D printed~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~LENSOPTIX 3001-5/8 HOUSING W/SUNSHADE TO FIT HHAANTI GLARE and ANTI SCRATCHHYRDOPHOBIC~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Super clear almost like no lens at all. Light transmition is >98%Lenses have coating to reduce glare and reflections, Super Hard anti scratch, repels water. This quality of lens is used by eye specialist to create eyewear.

Lighted HHA 1-5/8 lens kit w/Sunshade